Throughout her 4 years in the Interior Design program at KPU, Emma has taken an interest in typologies such as Hospitality, Restaurant, Residential, and Retail Design. Emma discovered her love for inclusive, human centered design and gained an appreciation for the intricacies in design from different cultures on a global scale. She is a compassionate learner and is always eager to try new things and experience design through different outlooks.

In Emma’s free time she enjoys spending time with her pets, and surrounded by family and friends having meaningful conversations and enjoying their company.

The Artist

Local artists in Vancouver have predominantly been pushed to the edge of Vancouver to allow for affordable housing and studio space. As a result of this, over the past 10 years artists have lost over 400,000 sq. ft. of space. ‘The Artist’ demographic focuses on the diverse artists of this community that have been displaced due to the redevelopment of the East Vancouver artist district.

The project aims to encompass 4 key ideas: shared space, health and wellbeing, community support, and sustainability. Shared spaces allow for interaction between the artists and the community. In order to meet the client’s desire for light and air, we penetrated into the deep floor plate in the building. The intent was to create as many opportunities for the community to visit and learn more about the local artists in their neighbourhood. Lastly, sustainability in materials, new and existing, were carefully chosen based on material composition, local availability, and existing materials in the building.

The Artist is a live-work artist hub that provides resources for artists such as studio spaces, gallery space, and opportunities for interaction between the artists and the community.

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