Born and raised in China, Vicky came to Vancouver as an international student in high school. Her interests in beautiful spaces led her to Kwantlen’s Interior design program where she uncovered that interior design is a lot more than just good-looking spaces.

Through four years of study, Vicky found herself passionate in designing retail spaces, restaurants, and public spaces. Being an international student in Canada, Vicky is inspired by people and the rich culture in different countries. As a result, she loves to relate her design to culture-inspired concepts. She also loves to challenge the conventions, always striving to create spaces that are unique and memorable.

Vicky believes that interior designers challenge people’s way of living and turn “space” into “place” where people feel enriched and a sense of belonging.

The CANVAS – An Art Based Community Center

With the goal to bring local residents and artists closer and promote art as part of community life, The Canvas aims to provide an inspiring, welcoming and engaging environment for anyone who is interested in art related activities. The project will provide art related courses and hold a variety of events for residents. Retail, restaurant, and large public spaces will help attract members to visit the building and discover more about art. Large studio spaces with all essential equipment will be provided to support artists or those interested in creating art in a perfect environment to work collaboratively. Smaller studios are also available for those who prefer more quiet workspaces.

Entering through the central corridor, users will be greeted with two double-height central atriums that are surrounded by other functional spaces. A feature bleacher stair leads up to the second floor where the flexible gallery is located. The large open space on the second floor is equipped with flexible partition systems to allow easy configuration for a variety of scenarios. It is a great space for a variety of applications including exhibition, lectures, special events or as a social lounge. The project features an aesthetic look with the character concept of “refinement born from the raw”, which is inspired by the juxtaposition of art studios and the art pieces being produced.

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