From an early age, Christal studied various forms of art expression including drawing and music. In 2017, Christal moved to Canada from China to pursue her passion for interior design. After completing her interior design degree at KPU, Christal finds inspiration in commercial and hospitality design.

Christal is inclusive and open-minded, which makes her a constant absorber and acquirer of new knowledge. Four years of learning experience have equipped her with strong coordination and communication skills, team player spirit, and a strong sense of responsibility and collectivism. She joined KPU with an unpolished passion for design and is proud to graduate with the same enthusiasm seasoned with professional know-how and practical design skills.

The Blossom – Female Focus Boutique Hotel

The Blossom is a boutique hotel located in downtown Vancouver that caters to young female travelers between the age of 20 to 44. The Blossom provides these travelers with a comfortable environment, soothing ambience, high-level of service, and maximum-security consideration. Inspired by the iconic flower in Vancouver, Blossom focuses on female groups by providing greater security, safety, and interaction among customers than standard hotels.

In the whole project’s design, the materials and FF&E are selected based on female preference leading to a natural and relaxed atmosphere. As soon as you access the lobby, which includes a gym, restaurant, and retail store on level 1, you will see the limited access corridor to levels 2-5; only registered guests may enter these floors. Guests of this Vancouver hotel, will have access to lockers and more common spaces to strengthen the communication between female clients.

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