Growing up in Calgary Alberta, Edith always had a strong passion for art and design. Fascinated by how interior spaces can shape people's lives, Edith pursued her education journey at KPU. Throughout her degree, she always found how different built environments have varying psychological impacts on people very interesting. She wanted to understand how designers can use this knowledge to shape people's experiences, encouraging her to learn and continuously discover more about interior design.

Beyond interior design, Edith’s interests include, nature, movies, food, fashion, and travelling making her a well-rounded individual who appreciates different perspectives, approaches and cultures. Edith is a friendly, fun, and driven person that always works hard towards her goals. She is excited to put her new knowledge of design to practice, and is keen to seek new opportunities in the working industry to learn and grow.


Kaizen is an experiential hotel located in Vancouver where visitors take a journey through Gastown’s historical hidden gem in the post pandemic era. In the post pandemic era as the world opens up once again, travelers and locals will be looking for new opportunities to experience something new, unique, and memorable. Kaizen offers travelers affordable accommodation, convenience, and a distinctive experience.

By drawing inspiration from its historical roots, Kaizen gives a nod to nostalgia by weaving the past and future together. The hotel pays homage to the original hardware warehouse by using the concept of journey and reflection. Spaces will transition and change as visitors travel throughout different areas of the hotel. As visitors come, they will be reminded of their own roots and where they strive to be in the future.

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