Madison is an easy-going, fun, and creative designer. Growing up in the Fraser Valley, Madison appreciated her roots but always wanted to travel. She first studied Visual Arts at the University of Victoria, and then recognizing an interest in Interior design, she carried her experiences over to the program at Kwantlen.

In her third year, she had the opportunity to study abroad in Canterbury, UK, filling her desire to travel. Her most fond memories of this experience is creating long lasting friendships and discovering design through a global lens.

Inspired by living and working in a post-covid world, Madison developed a multi-unit residential and mixed-use space for young professionals. This resulted in WAL, which explores how the comforts of home can transcend into the workplace, and vice-versa.

WAL creates a community of professionals that extends the workplace and the home to be a comfortable and engaging space to live and work. Through disengaging with the building angle, and creating a grid like space, it creates a feeling of home-like stability for the users. Overall, the atmosphere and mood is inspired by nature, taking calming green tones, neutrals, and natural woods, to create a calming and safe space to live and work.

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