Through the exploration of multiple creative pursuits, Ainsley has created a path to a career in fashion which harnesses her many skills and variety of knowledge. Ainsley focuses on purpose driven designs that incorporate a fashion forward aesthetic, typically following a general theme of nature. Most of Ainsley’s work stems from a place of empathy – as she believes this is an important aspect of creating sustainable pieces. Ainsley has a keen eye for colour, trends, and well-fitted garments. As Ainsley moves forward in her career, she plans to continue designing purpose driven pieces, seeking to fill gaps in the fashion industry.


As the world and its communities change around us, new issues arise that the fashion industry needs to address – ramping up inclusivity to better serve a diverse population. 

META·MORPHOSIS, a collection for Autumn/Winter 2022, is made to empower transgender women through adaptable, gender-affirming clothing. As bodies change, it is important to have well-fitting clothing that you can feel good in. Spending countless hours searching for and altering clothing is time consuming, and during a time of change and question it is ideal to have clothing that makes you feel like yourself in everyday life. 

The pieces designed for META·MORPHOSIS were carefully curated to tell a story—a story inspired by the many transgender women who have faced challenges through their transition. Taking inspiration from the Blue Morpho Butterfly, the collection manipulates soft and breathable fabrics into everyday adjustable garments – pieces that work with a changing body to give a desired appearance. 

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