Zemira Villanueva was born and raised in the Philippines by her grandmother. As a child, she was taught how to mend clothes by hand. Moving to Vancouver in her early teens opened vast opportunities for her, and she was able to find her zeal in arts and fashion. Her first exposure to fashion was in Highschool, and she appreciated the process, innovation, creativeness and collaboration. Zemira's curious mind drives her creativity; she continuously expands her knowledge and always keeps an open mind.


MÀTA maternity capsule empowers pregnant women who are in 3-9 months in a professional
work setting in a modern design garment. Attention to the fit is the crucial principle that
reduces the restriction when moving. We are conscious about the fabric choices and only use
breathable, adaptable and natural fibre materials. MÀTA focuses on the garment’s longevity
and adjustability for the changing bodies.

We see a lack of professional business attire in the fashion industry that caters to pregnant
women in the corporate setting. MÀTA wanted to provide a capsule that offers comfort,
accessibility, and inclusion. MÀTA is thrilled to showcase the Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

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