Bringing design ideas to life is the magic that feeds Chloe's passion for costume and fashion design. Chloe has always marvelled in the energy of live theatre, she believes actors and costumes work together to create a story. She links her love for costuming along with well rounded design and production skills to create garments for all walks of life. Size inclusivity is an important sector of the fashion industry to Chloe. With her gained knowledge and skill set she is driven to make the fashion industry a more size inclusive space. Utilizing her skills in fit, digital pattern making and textiles she strives to create well-fitting clothing for all women over a size 14.

Blush + Powell

No one deserves to have fashion be the barrier between them and their success. Blush + Powell is a thesis collection for plus size women working in corporate offices. The collection is made of well fitting garments made for real fat bodies. For Blush + Powell a top priority is creating an atmosphere of body neutrality and size inclusivity in professional office wear, which focuses on long-lasting style as well as transitional and timeless design details. Each piece includes carefully considered body dynamic design features to allow for adjustability around a naturally changing body. Consideration is placed on unique plus-size fit problems with the goal to bring back the enjoyment of getting dressed in the morning. Although Chloe is not planning on continuing this line post graduation she has learnt many valuable lessons through this process. She continues to push for size inclusivity in the fashion industry and hopes this collection showcases style without compromising fit. 

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