Rita Duan is a Chinese Canadian fashion designer who’s strength is the combination of traditional Chinese cultural elements with modern aesthetics. Through studying "Shan-Hai Ching" - a Chinese classic text-based compilation of mythic geography and beasts, Rita explores more of the traditional Chinese cultural. Rita aims to be part of the cultural communication of the oriental history and to share her thoughts through the design process.

Bo Yi

The meaning of this collection is to introduce a traditional Chinese painting method—mineral pigment painting. Today, the people who know this painting method in China are limited. It was spread to Japan in the history of Chinese art and developed by the Japanese until now. However, many Chinese people thought it originated in Japan and have different thoughts on the artists who went to study this technic. The designer Rita Duan founds the texture of mineral pigment painting to be fascinating. Thus, it inspired her to translate it into her designs. According to Shan-Hai Ching, the Ji Mountain Forest lived a kind of beast named Bo Yi. Its body was like a sheep, with nine tails, four ears, and eyes on the back. Legend has it that people who wear its fur will not be afraid. Rita named her first collection as Bo Yi, because she wanted to share the energy, power, and bravery behind the story.

Past Work

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