For as long as she can remember, the fashion industry fascinated Chris. One of her fondest
memories as a child was her sitting on the floor in front of the TV in her grandmother's living
room, patiently waiting for Entertainment Tonight's segment on the best and worst dressed
during award show season. After dabbling in art electives through high school, she realized that
she needed to be in an industry where she could bring her creative visions to life.

Modern Nymph

Modern Nymph is timeless and built to last. These two priorities are necessary for good design.
Pieces feature an exploration of design solutions that are flattering, versatile, and made with care.
Quality fabrics are combined with simple silhouettes to keep the collection exciting and offer
wearable luxury.

NYMPH (noun):
Deities from Greek mythology represented as beautiful maidens inhabiting and sometimes
personifying features of nature.

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