Ho Sum (Colina)

(Colina) Ho Sum Kok is a Canadian. All of that is what made China how it is now and what it will become in the future. I want my collection to be the same — it can represent my culture and let people who are not familiar with my culture get to know about it and understand its charm. My value is to stand by my culture and be proud of it. There are so many people who do not know my culture or even look down on my culture, therefore, I want to prove that what we have for thousands of years is not just words, it is our spirit, our flash.

Reflect 悟

Reflect 悟 is a collection that provides cultural comfort formal wear for generation Z. It is especially for the Chinese young women who live in Canada for six or more years and lack connection with their homeland country. This is a traditional culture lifestyle with Buddhism, tea ceremony, and Taoism which will fulfill their needs of culture craving.

Target Market

The target market is women aged 20-26 who follow Buddhism. She will practice Chinese calligraphy, meditation, and tea ceremony in her free time. She joined UBC Chinese Calligraphy Club. She would like to shop at Oak and Fort, Aritzia, and Lululemon. She likes the combination of Chinese traditional style and modern fashion. She is single and working at Sandra as a full time key holder. She lives next to the Richmond center skytrain station. Her income is 30k per year since she has just started her career. She lives with her parents so she doesn’t need to pay rent, car expense and food. She can spend all of her salary and have no problem living comfortably. This project symbolizes the water element and the balance Taoism concept trims pearls and beads Buddhism.

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