Sairi is an adventurous and empathetic individual, who has a creative vision for styling and designing. She has always been passionate about how clothing portrays the inner self and brings confidence to the wearer. She believes that clothing can help people spark their inner beauty and shine in their own way. Japanese fashion magazines have served to invoke creativity and provide inspiration for Sairi’s design, while also contributed to her sense of trends and for pairing colours. To Sairi, styling means enhancing the value of one garment by pairing it with another.

Minimal. Traditional. Natural. Environmentally conscious.

NAZÜEL is a handcrafted one-mile lounge wear brand. The concept of “One Mile Wear” originated in Japan, with the idea that it is comfortable yet stylish pieces that might be worn in the home or in a one-mile radius. NAZÜEL aims to provide comfortable, long-lasting and high-quality lounge wear with traditional Japanese design techniques, such as Boro, Shibori and Sashiko. By adding in Japanese handcrafted designs, we convey the quintessence and importance of tradition and culture through handmade goods. Pieces are great for cocooning, doing chores in the house, getting a walk in the neighborhood, and stopping by a nearby coffee shop without having to change or struggle with what to wear. Our loungewear is made with light-weight natural fibers for all day comfort. The Spring 2023 collection presents a sense of femininity, versatility, longevity, and essence of life.

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