Britney combines her passion for the fine arts, retro aesthetics, and adobe technologies to create her own definition of fashion.

Ever since she was young, Britney would draw and paint to showcase her ideas, thoughts, and emotions. A love for drawing has since evolved into other mediums, like sewing, and then fashion design.

Britney is an avid thrift and consignment shopper which influences her love for vintage and retro aesthetics. She regularly takes inspiration from retro and vintage styles, applying them to modern fashion standards to create garments that stand the test of time.

Learning about the challenges of waste in the fashion industry, such as water consumption, overproduction, fabric scraps, and water pollution, has led Britney to pair her aesthetic sensibility with an environmental mindset. This ensures that her designs are not only aesthetically innovative, but also are environmentally conscious.

Technology has become a form of communication for Britney; a way to showcase art and communicate concepts. She gets excited about transforming her ideas into digital narratives and even regularly uses Adobe and other programs for her own personal work.

Although Britney is passionate about technology now, that doesn’t mean she has completely left behind her traditional fine art roots. Britney believes that when tradition and future technologies are combined, true innovation arises.

We Are Art

Recently, there has been a growing rise of individuals engaging in roller skating, dance, skip rope, aerial arts, hula hoop and other creative sports leaving many young women looking for athletic clothing for these activities. They need the function of athletic apparel, options for versatility, and unique creative designs to evoke the right feelings while performing their movements.

We Are Art is a playful recreational athletic clothing brand for the creative sport enthusiast. Pieces mix nostalgic influences, dopamine boosting colours, and trending details to suit the fashion forward creatives engaging in these “non-traditional” sports. Garments are made from a range of athletic knits with special performance properties such as mid-level compression, moisture wicking, and sun protection to support the wearing in their indoor and outdoor activities. Each garment may be worn for a variety of creative sports, with adaptability and versatility being key in design decisions.

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