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“puts the art in”

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When designing, Alexis draws inspiration from the world around her. Her free-spirited, upbeat personality adds a unique flair to all of her projects.

Identity, Packaging

Dr. Folkhouse's Brewery: Mixer Elixir Series

Created by Dr. Folkhouse, the Mixer Elixir beer series is a limited edition set that revolves around the idea of 3 mysterious potions: Elixir of Life Orange IPA, Cure All Remedy Coffee Stout, and Snake Oil Growth Lime Sour and whether or not each of their statements are true. The inspiration behind this series was vintage medicine labels and the outlandish claims that come along with them.

Identity, Print, Digital, Advertising


Concignis is a fictitious non-profit company with a global cause. Wildfires happen every year in various parts of the planet, and so Concignis aims to educate and raise awareness about wildfires and the outcome that it creates for different wildlife all over the world. Concignis also makes an effort to obtain donations in order to help rebuild habitats and to take care of the animals that have been affected.

Identity, Digital


Designed and produced locally here in Vancouver, Canada, Orea is a fictional company that creates products such as outdoor clothing and active wear, as well as equipment for many outdoor activities. This project was to create a brand for Orea in a way that reflects the bold, adventurous side the company showcases through their products which are used in expeditions all over the world.

Identity, Packaging


Breakout is a fictional skincare company that is based in Vancouver, Canada. In order to stand out from skincare brands that have very minimal, simple packaging, Breakout’s branding is inspired by the Pop Art movement. Keeping in line with the Pop Art concept, the colour palette creates a vintage comic book vibe but with a twist in order to make it more bright and modern.