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“White Space Ace”

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Queenie strives for a positive mindset and aims to open her own branding agency in the future.

Identity, Digital, Advertising

Uighur Voices

Uighur Voices is an humanitarian awareness campaign that educates people around the world of the Muslim concentration camp located in Xinjiang, China. By using photography in a journalistic approach will help send the message across in a clear and bold manner. The website is organized a way where it has all the information one needs to know on the manner and a space on how one can help and the social media campaign is to gain traction to the website by posting bits of an article in a carousel form.

Identity, Packaging

Folkhouse Brewery Co.

The strategy for the concept of “State of Mind” is pattern-based, I started off with the names of the three beers and then associated a visual pattern and colours based on the names. Honest IPA is straight, Spontaneous Stout is whimsical, and Enlightened is a combination of both.

Print, Digital


Ethereal is a case-study luxurious sub-brand airline division of Westjet. The whole concept of the Ethereal experience is to focus on exquisite experiences through comfort, perspective, and taste. The visual identity of the brand all ties back into the bones of Westjet to keep the consistency, but carry abstract yet luxurious elements throughout Ethereal.

Identity, Digital

Muslim Association of Canada

This is a case study rebranding of an Islamic charitable organization and a grassroots social movement. I was quite inspired by Islamic patterns and architecture. The marque is a minimalistic geometric flower that is entrapped in a foundation.