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“Keyboard Krusher”

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Carmen is passionate about design storytelling as a way to build empathy and to spark conversation. She hopes to create lots of meaningful work through branding and interactive design before she throws in the towel.

Awards and Recognition

  • 2020 GDC Salazar Awards, Print, Winner
  • 2019 Jim Rimmer Award, Finalist

Identity, Advertising

Mind Your Design

Mind Your Design is a 2-day educational national design for mental health conference that seeks to reduce the stigma of mental illness. Using vibrant photo-manipulated imagery of people living with mental illness and blue flowers, the design illustrates this delicate topic as something we can grow to understand and learn from. By providing online speakers, resources, and information; attendees will be able to make better decisions and “mind [their] design[s].”

Identity, Packaging

Soul Soup

Soul Soup is a fictional Vancouver Downtown Eastside Employment Initiative, aligned between The Rainier Hotel community and local restaurants, that focuses on reducing food waste and supporting women who are recovering from substance abuse. Soul Soup believes that resilience can be found in a warm homemade bowl of soup that provides a sense of belonging, community and comfort in the face of adversity. With community-building as their goal, they give Vancouver’s perishable foods a second chance at a better life while reinvesting back into the DTES.


Mitchell Press

Mitchell Press is one of the largest print marketing companies in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. A website redesign was needed to showcase Mitchell’s diverse service offerings alongside a new navigation site map.

Identity, Print

Chinatown Vancouver

Chinatown Vancouver is an organization committed to the revitalization of Vancouver’s Chinatown. In light of accelerating gentrification, the brand aims to educate and inspire younger generation Chinese Canadians to help preserve Chinatown’s heritage and culture, and local community. The result is a brand identity, brand guidelines, tourism guidebook, and integrated campaign called “Rediscover Chinatown Vancouver”.