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“Do or Die”

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Angela strives to create impactful, fun and inspiring designs. She hopes her work can make a difference in peoples lives for the better.


Drink Pink

I created and designed a hypothetical website for pink champagne recipes and a lifestyle blog. The website is run by 3 best friends who have a large following of female millennials. The style is minimalist and clean throughout the site. It is more of an editorial approach using vibrant photography and clean typography.

Identity, Digital

Nickels Cabinets

This was a project done during my mentorship at Studiothink. The goal of this project was to give Nickels Cabinets a new modern feel. The logo was inspired by the dimensions of the products themselves that Nickels produces. These 3 squares in the design represent the three step journey the family company has been through. The concept of my design is based around crafting the products and the artistry that comes with it.

Identity, Print, Advertising

Destiny Rescue

This is a fictional campaign design for Destiny Rescue. This Christian, non-profit organization rescues and rehabilitates children enslaved in trafficking. To raise awareness and donations, this campaign is an outdoor family event with meaningful dance entertainment, food and educational speakers on the organization and subject. The event is called, Freedom Fundraiser.


Bilingual Brochure

This is a government document meant to inspire the potential working Canadian. The design is more editorial and the concept is people interacting/functioning in their environment. Some photos chosen are angled up as in, looking up and rising up. Images have been treated to give a softness to them for an almost dreamy tone, which adds contrast with the rich green throughout the document for visual interest.