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“Vector Viking”

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Joshua strives to put his design and illustration skills to the test in order to create imaginative and captivating designs in print and packaging. He hopes that he can use his abilities to help fulfill the dreams and desires of his clients.

Awards and Recognition

  • 2020 Applied Arts Student Awards

Identity, Packaging

Coco Bark

Coco Bark is a fictional chocolate company that specializes in delicious, succulent chocolate bark, coming in a variety of flavours and made with all-natural ingredients that are locally sourced. The company prides itself on being environmentally friendly, using fully recyclable packaging and donating 20% of their profits to reforestation efforts across the lower mainland. For the packaging, they wanted something fun, vibrant, vivid, and that would stand out on the shelves in stores.

Identity, Packaging

Folkhouse Craft Brewing

The Folkhouse Craft Brewery is a fictional craft brewery that is owned in a co-op style of business, in which members of the community are directly a part of the company’s brand and business. As a company that is focused on having a diverse collective of craft beer enthusiasts from around British Columbia, the Folkhouse Craft Brewery focuses on keeping an identity that is open to all. Their mainstay beer series, “Fishermen Tales”, are based off of the many aquatic folktale legends that BC is known for, such as the Ogopogo, Cadborosaurus, and the Thetis Lake Monster.


Canada - A Learning Nation

The goal of this project was to take the November 2020 report from the Future Skills Council of the government of Canada that had an English and French version of it and combine both versions into a single, bilingual document. An updated visual branding was also to be done for the report, and the main concept was to give it a digital feeling due to the content talking about the current pandemic and the conditions surrounding it.

Identity, Print, Packaging

Kaiju Krunch

Kaiju Krunch is a fictional Japanese snack company based in British Columbia that aims to bring authentic Japanese recipes to North America. The word “Kaiju” is a Japanese word that is meant to describe large movie monsters, and with Kaiju Krunch, their brand is all about bringing monster flavour to their consumers, which has been used as an inspiration for the visual aesthetic of their brand.