GDMA 2021 Menu

“Hand-lettering Hot Shot”
Van Delft

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Cassidy uses design to spark curiosity and empathy. Her affinity for cool colour combinations and quirky typography create unique, memorable design solutions.

Identity, Print, Digital


Hereabouts is a fictional restaurant that sources 95% of ingredients locally. It is is a place where customers can trust where their food came from and connect with the story behind each plate. The project includes logo design, print menu design, web design, and social media to build the fun, fresh, and energetic character of the brand.

Identity, Packaging, Advertising

So Delicious

So Delicious is a company that creates sustainable, delicious, dairy-free alternatives like ice cream, bars, and milk. This project includes a full rebrand and packaging design with a custom hand-lettered typeface to communicate the playful and authentic personality of the brand.


Rethinking Design

This publication design uses expressive and distorted type combined with vivid photocollage and a whimsical, pastel colour palette to make a complex article digestable, meaningful, and attractive.

Identity, Packaging

Trailer Park Winery

Trailer Park Winery makes no-fuss, boxed wine for the casual wine-drinker who wants good wine at a good price without all the hoopla. The rectangular shape of boxed wine created the opportunity to make each package look literally like an old, colourful, quirky mobile home. Each package uses type inspired by vintage signage combined with quirky photographic elements to create the humorous, irreverent feel.