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“Ctrl Freak”

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Kayla aims to put empathy in all her design projects. She hopes to create work that’s easy to use and makes a positive impact.

Awards and Recognition

  • 2020 SEEF Award
  • 2019 Irving K. Barber Scholarship

Identity, Digital

What's Yours

The What’s Yours website is a resource for people who are uneducated or have questions about gender identity. The website shares heart-warming stories of the journeys people take after committing themselves to understanding gender and the importance it plays in their peers lives.

The goal of the What’s Yours website is for people who are educators, influencers, allies and people in the LGBTQ+ community to send to their loved ones in hopes that it will help them accept their identity.



Cheater is a gaming website, where people can read reviews, articles and walkthroughs of their favorite or upcoming games. After designing the aesthetic of two unique pages, I created a UI kit of all future assets, to keep the rest of the site consistant with the brand for further expansion.

Identity, Digital


Flourish is an application that uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to aid people who suffer from disordered eating and aims to benefit users by creating a space to log meals, moods, habits and thoughts in a simple non-judgemental way. Without calorie counting the app provides options, with focus on mood and mental health. The app uses a plant on the homescreen as a mephor for bodies becsue we need the same things. Loving kindness, nourishment, and patience to grow and flourish.