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“Multitasking Master”

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Matea aims to bring in a unique and creative solution to any project. Matea’s adoration of fonts and colours is shown in her work and outfits.

Identity, Digital


Qknown is an informative website to challenge the current wave of misinformation that we see flooding the technological age. Using my design and communication skills to provide and advertise a resource for factual information on conspiracy theories that are flooding the globe in a negative way.

Identity, Packaging

BC Buddy

BC Buddy is a packaging and branding project for a fictional cannabis company located in British Columbia. Along with product packaging and branding, this company also acts as a delivery service in the Lower Mainland. The visual elements were treated in a way to stand out from the many competitors in the current market.

Identity, Packaging

Folkhaus Craft Brewery

Folkhaus Craft Brewery Collective is a fictional brewery that positions itself as a collective, where members can be directly active within the process. Going with a wordmark that can stand on its own as well as be applied to different visual treatments and beer series. Included in this design is a limited edition beer series, Meet the Gang.

Identity, Digital


Corporate rebrand for a well established corporate car dealership, Dueck General Motors. I wanted to reposition their brand to align with their values that they presented on their company website and collateral, the customer. I wanted to highlight this in the word mark in a professional way. Along with the identity rebrand, I created a website, print collateral, and vehicle livery.