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“Colour Critic”

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Allison strives to create fun and inclusive designs that sparks curiosity and thinking. She hopes to make small differences in the way we perceive normal.

Print, Digital

Super One by SuperM

A redesign of Super One, the first official album of SuperM. The point of this specific album design is to unify Korean and English together in a more viewer friendly way, as SuperM is one of the first Kpop groups to work with Capitol Records and cater more towards the western market.


Animal Planet Endangered Species Website

This is a redesign of Animal Planet’s Endangered Species website. The aim for the redesign was to intrigue a target audience of people predominantly in secondary school.

Print, Packaging


Scentuals is a skin care company that encourages their users to start and end their day with their products. With bright, eye catching packaging that focuses more on people than it does nature.

Identity, Digital, Advertising

Onto The Next

Onto the Next is a non-profit organization that aims to help young adults age out of the adoption system. It is an information hub for everything one needs to know as an adult.