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“Layout Legend”

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Liam prioritizes storytelling and well-defined strategy in his work. Things that make him happy include tasty type-pairings and clean workspaces. His pet peeves are uncomfortable desk chairs and writing personal bios.

Awards and Recognition

  • 2020 RGD Student Awards Winner
  • 2020 RGD Student Awards Honourable Mention
  • 2020 Applied Arts Student Awards
  • 2020 GDC Jim Rimmer Scholarship
  • 2020 GDC Foundation Ray Hrynkow Scholarship
  • 2020 ADCC Graphic Design Bronze Student Award
  • 2019 Applied Arts Student Awards
  • 2019 Jim Rimmer Award, Finalist


The Runaways

A booklet created to communicate the weight and historical significance of the residential school program in Canada. The specific focus of the project was to tell the stories of children who had passed away while trying to escape from the schools.

Identity, Print, Digital


Koodo Mobile is a subsidiary of Telus mainly targeted towards younger customers. The rebrand presents Koodo as irreverent, lighthearted, and adaptable—cohesively linking the brand across print and digital applications.

Identity, Print

Cambie to Clark

Cambie to Clark is a fictional exhibition and microsite that focuses on the humanity of the situation in the DTES. Each block, from Cambie to Clark, has a story to tell about how we got to this point. The goal of the project revolved around presenting the history of the area, highlighting the victims of the crisis, and encouraging the audience to advocate for policy change that will be effective in reducing the devastation the community faces on a daily basis.

Identity, Packaging

The Folk Ales

To support the brand launch of Folkhouse Brewing, a beer series was introduced to further establish connections between folk music and Folkhouse’s cooperative model. The Folk Ales celebrates the history of folk music in BC and some of its wackiest characters. The beers (Skedaddler Pale Ale, Doryman Double IPA, and Mucker Dark Sour) are all based on characters portrayed in folk songs originating from British Columbia between the mid-1800’s to early 1900’s.