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“Baseline Grid”

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Jordan is passionate about using design to create a positive impact on the world and help inspire others. Her eagerness promises unique designs whether the project calls for branding, print, web, or anything else.

Identity, Print, Packaging, Digital


Chatime is a Taiwanese global teahouse franchise which operates in 38 countries. The Chinese brand name “Chatime” directly translates to “sunrise tea” and carries the vision: “anywhere there is sunrise, there will be Chatime.” This rebrand focuses on marketing Chatime for a westernized market, taking inspiration from artisan coffee shops, while still incorporating the Chinese translation behind its name.


Design Issues Vol. 36

Design Issues is the first American academic journal that examines design history, as well as provokes inquiry into the cultural and intellectual issues surrounding design. The publication design focused on using expressive typography as a visual element to aid the contents of the document.

Identity, Digital


Kin’ect is a mobile application for people who have been nationally or internationally adopted, giving them a place to share their experiences and tips, as well as to create a community. The name “Kin’ect” is derived from the words ‘kin’ meaning family and ‘connect,’ the two words coming together to further represent the brand mission.

Identity, Digital

Floresta Apparel

Floresta Apparel is a non-profit clothing company whose profits go towards wildlife conservation and reforestation. Their brand icon represents the wildlife, while the name “Floresta” is Portuguese for forest to create a unique representation of the companies values and mission statement.