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“Icon Idol”

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Arden uses her sense of humour to create outside of the box design solutions that are sure to draw a reaction from her audience.

Awards and Recognition

  • 2020 Applied Arts Student Awards
  • 2020 RGD Student Awards, Finalist

Identity, Advertising


Voices is a fictional organization that protects the human rights of workers in the BC restaurant industry. The “Sexual Harassment is Not on the Menu,” campaign was created to address the problem of sexual harassment in BC restaurants and make resources accessible to those who need them. The visual language and tone was intended to feel safe and approachable, while the illustrations and language make connections to the restaurant industry without being trite.

Identity, Packaging


Marmitts is a fictional brand that sells mittens to help bring the Vancouver Island Marmot, one of Canada’s most endangered mammals, back from the brink of extinction. This packaging uses playful illustration to encourage the audience to learn about and support an important cause.

Identity, Digital

REI Rebrand

REI is a brand with a rich history and high brand recognition. The challenge was to rebrand REI and position them as a brand that is more energetic and relevant. This rebrand played off REI’s strengths and revamped their look and feel without wiping away their character.


Plant Parenthood

Plant Parenthood is an app for millennials that want trendy and aesthetic living spaces littered with plants, but are too busy to remember to take care of them. This app provides a personalized experience by taking an inventory of your plant collection, letting you name them and giving you an organized care schedule. It uses cheeky language and illustrations to motivate you into keeping your plants healthy.