GDMA 2021 Menu

“Branding Bad Boy”

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Brett seeks to use design as a means to create perspective, provoke reaction, educate, or make you laugh.

Awards and Recognition

  • 2020 ADCC Graphic Design Bronze Student Award x 2

Identity, Packaging

Folkhouse Brewing Cooperative

This Folkhouse beer series highlights the places that allow people to connect and engage with one another. These interactions are what inspired the labels as they reveal the underlying layers of the immediate landscape or the conversations that occur there. These visuals blend together in a collective fabric that remains consistent across all the beers. The result is the Park Bench IPA, Farmers Market Saison, and the Coffee Shop Porter that make up the Get Together Pack.

Identity, Print

Dancing Pickle Sandwiches

Dancing Pickle Sandwiches is a sandwich shop built on the mantra that you can’t take life too seriously. This restaurant is full of cheeky character, an unpretentious attitude, and unabashed confidence. With Mr. Pickles leading the way this sandwich shop serves as the perfect remedy to the overly curated restaurants seen today.


Data in Motion

Data in Motion emerged from the confluence of data and every day life. The concept came from mapping and tracking data during a run at a local trail. The result is a set of posters that showcases a series of metrics, some objective, others subjective. It highlights the amount of data in our lives and asks the question of whether its effect is beneficial or more often detrimental.



The goals of this Tofino report were atypical from a conventional annual report. This report was to act as a manifesto to “re-launch” Tofino. Both in the sense of a more accurate representation but also how it wanted to be viewed today and in the future. In a transient town such as Tofino community can often be lacking and this manifesto sought to reclaim some of that.