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“8 1/4 Wide x 11 3/4”

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Melody is passionate about creating unique and impactful designs that are inspired by the world around her. Her imagination and personality can be seen in her designs whether the project is for branding, packaging, print, or digital.

Identity, Packaging

Folkhouse Craft Brewery

Within BC’s roots, stories of mythical creatures lurk. Folkhouse brewery uncovers local folkltales in it’s limited edition series “Mythical Creatures”. Uncovered in this series is Blue Lizard Sour IPA, Pineberry Sasquash Ale, and Caddy Brown Murky Stout. With the tagline “Brew with roots”, Folkhouse takes inspiration from the folktales that are part of BC’s culture.

Identity, Print, Packaging


Serra is a cannabis company located in the heart of Portland Oregon. With the tagline ” Feel all the feelings”, Serra is all about how cannabis will make you feel, and the positive experince. The packaging contains collages that connect with the flavours of each product and how the product will make you feel.


Rethinking Design

Rethinking Design is a publication design that uses expressive and distorted type combined with impactful photography to make a complex article digestable, meaningful, and attractive.

Identity, Print, Digital, Advertising

Fuk Fire

Fuk Fire is non-profit organization created to help prevent and protect against wildfires in Oregon. Using a bold and aggressive voice, Fuk Fire connects with students who are passionate about where they live. To motivate and encourage students to take a stand, school’s can request the Fuk Fire Wildfire Experience Game, which educates about fires and let’s students experience the impacts of a wildfire.