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“Shortcut Speedster”

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Paris is keen to use her skills to benefit her communities, share awareness, and make an impact. Her focus for design is to help others express, build identity, and unleash character.

Awards and Recognition

  • 2020 Cheryl Lynn Rutledge Northern Indigenous Student Award

Identity, Packaging


Folkhouse is a fictional front house pub/brewery, their “Friday Night Series” is a variety pack of 3 beer types, each telling part of a story of a Friday Night at Folkhouse. My Tagline was “Speak the Beer.” The launch campaign consisted of three social media graphics to promote the beers. Each graphic is a video that ties into the theme of sounds and voices.

Identity, Digital

Atlas: Travel Guidebook

Introducing the fictional travel/social network app, Atlas: Travel Guidebook. “For the social traveller,” because a good travel app should connect the user to more than just the place. Making it easier to meet new people around the world or stay organized with your group as you travel.

I received the GDC’s Cheryl Lynn Rutledge Northern Indigenous Student Award in 2020 for this project (among others).

Identity, Packaging

Frank & Scents

Frank & Scents is a fictional candle manufacturer that sells light scented candles for long burning, and also sells matches that match the packaging. The aesthetic of the packaging is contemporary vintage, for a modern luxury product. The goal was not to make it overly feminine so I chose imagery that wasn’t traditionally seen as that. For example, the name is Frank & Scents, which is a play on words but also implies masculinity.

Identity, Print, Digital

Benefact Graphx

@benefact.graphx is a non-profit passion project, that designs educational media campaigns that help deliver continuous exposure around topics that have lost their relevance due to current priorities. With that exposure, BG also designs a t-shirt that corresponds with the campaign and all proceeds will go to the cause.