A student of life and a traveler since birth, Alycia gains inspiration through the immersive experience of being abroad. She believes culture allows people to become better versions of themselves through understanding and connection – and great design comes from learning.

She worked on numerous categories throughout her degree, developing dynamic skills on Adobe Cloud and 3D platforms to develop her workflow. Integrating digital design into her process has allowed her to think of ways to reduce waste to get to the final design solution.

During her time at The Wilson School of Design at KPU, Alycia had the opportunity to study abroad. A month into her exchange, COVID-19 became a global pandemic. Instead of returning to Canada, she stayed in Australia to carry out the rest of her visa. During the first lockdown, Alycia found a greater appreciation for digital design programs as courses transitioned online.

Alycia is an avid skier and has experienced firsthand the lack of women’s options in finding appropriate gear. Her thesis line, BARKER, is a conceptual line that encompasses the female consumer – a woman who wants to be heard and seen on the slopes. Focusing on silhouette and colour, Alycia designed a skiwear line with both base layers and outer that flatter the female figure while being protected from the elements. Alycia takes aspects of European skiwear and combines them with North American technology to suit Canadian climates, pairing them with artist and creator Lynne Harrison for print.

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