Inspired by inclusivity and diversity in fashion, Sara is motivated to diligently construct high quality, yet comfortable clothing for people with different needs. She is an apparel engineer, who enjoys the challenge of problem-solving while exploring innovative ideas. Sara has worked on different projects while studying fashion design and technology at Wilson School of Design at KPU including childrenswear, tech apparel, activewear and zero waste.

With over ten years of experience in luxury retail industry, she can easily identify target markets, conduct research and plan marketing strategies. She is interested in various fashion fields including but not limited to pattern drafting, product development, textile design and sustainability.

Comfy Children Clothing presents Sensory Soft clothing benefiting children with sensory issues, while offering colorful well-crafted garments that let children easily play. Sara’s thesis line aims to create unisex basics for kids ages between 4-12. The collection has a different approach to childrenswear, and focuses on notions and finishing that are less irritating for children to wear. No tags and no inside seams mean more comfort to children. Gender-free leggings are the key look for the collection and optimistic color blocks are used to encourage confidence and positivity. The garments are constructed from environmentally responsible materials such as OEKO-TEX® certified organic cotton. All the fabrics are hand-dyed with non-toxic dyes, and hand-block printing is applied to some of the garments.

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