Born in Vancouver, Carla is a second generation immigrant with Latin parents. Driven by her culture, current events, and cinema, she aims to spark creativity and innovation with everything she does. Her creativity translates into forecasting, market research, and product development. By cohesively telling a story, her work shares a unique point of view. Whether it’s a vibrant color, or a classic Hollywood film, she takes inspiration from a variety of sources. In the end, her goal is to push boundaries and bring ideas (even the crazy ones) to life!

Work from home has changed how many people live their lives; especially the routines of working moms. By juggling many tasks at once, this market is struggling to find that effortless wardrobe that can keep up with their new day to day lives. With the need to look presentable for video calls, while also feeling comfortable, office wear turns to the new business casual; loungewear. Influenced by Spanish culture, this expressive line brings color to moms’ days.

Even though Carla will not carry on this line, the lessons she learned during this process were essential for her to become the designer she is today.

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