Motivated by her sense of social responsibility and authenticity, Shaela strives to create and repurpose valued materials by exploring the way we as consumers and designers understand our impacts. By approaching the design process mindfully, Shaela ensures that her creative work is just as meaningful and economical as how she lives her personal life.

Through taking the time to reflect and explore areas of interest and long-term goals regarding environment and lifestyle, Shaela aims to expand her skills in creative areas beyond apparel, while remaining purposeful in her efforts. She is a tactile creative, heavily inspired by natural and historical elements and always builds on her projects resourcefully. She plans to pursue her career guided by her curiosity and hunger for knowledge while working hands-on with a focus on textiles and surface design.

Gun Eagal: The Collection

Inspired by the art of creating and repurposing, these garments are meant to encourage eco-conscious consumption for adventurous motorcyclist millennial women.

As younger generations become increasingly concerned with cleaning up the environment, while longing for freedom and the ability to explore, there is a market noticeably growing and a huge gap when it comes to the right product for them. Bridging that gap, this collection consists of technical handmade and hand-dyed garments which are designed to be long-lasting, easily repairable, and practical for life on and off the bike. The designs allow for comfortable movement on a motorcycle, layered with protective impact resistors as well as casual wear. The hand stitching, inspired by the art of visible mending, allows for durability, and encourages the garment to be continuously repaired throughout its life without ever losing its original appeal.

The Gun Eagal Collection perfectly aligns with the designer’s interests as a creative while highlighting skills developed through her education at the Wilson School of Design. More importantly, it demonstrates her values and is reflective of the future of the fashion industry.

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