Born in Sweden and raised in Chile, China, Indonesia, Canada and the UK, Marysol was exposed to a myriad of cultures that sparked a deep interest in the relationship between people and clothes. She merges her Swedish and Chilean heritage to create chic and comfortable designs with a subtle playfulness. One of her biggest concerns as a designer is the systemic cruelty towards animals in the fashion industry; thanks to technology, she believes that with today’s choices of superior alternative materials, exploiting other beings for the sake of vanity or consumption isn’t necessary. The most “humane” way to treat animals is by not exploiting them at all. She plans on using cruelty-free materials to create pieces that represent both a wearable garment and a philosophy of living a compassionate and interconnected life with our eco-system.

Sustainable doesn’t have to be vanilla, it can also be luxurious and chic. Flowing Elegance SS21 is a thesis collection targeting the style-conscious cosmopolitan woman who eschews constraints and places freedom, elegance and a joie de vivre above all else. This woman seeks comfortable, fresh and elegant pieces made with a highly compassionate approach. Keenly aware of the current trends towards cruelty-free materials, Marysol believes that it’s an age in which using cruelty-free textiles is gaining more popularity and appreciation. It is also a great way to tackle the issue of animal exploitation in the fashion industry. Flowing Elegance SS21 uses sustainably sourced materials such as cupros, Tencel™, linens and metallic knits to convey a sensuality that feels fresh and playful. She was inspired by the eclectic Art Deco and Art Moderne periods where leisure, glamour and style merged. The theme of flow and movement is reiterated in the asymmetrical cuts, the energetic yet sophisticated palette of primary colours and the curved motifs of the print designed by her. Playful and understated glamour takes you from day to night in flowing elegance…

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