Joanne is an international student from China. She embraces the diversity and inclusiveness of fashion design in Vancouver. She started this fashion journey because her mom always tells her that dress up for your own happiness, dress up for yourself. She not only into fashion but also photography, creative make up and drawing. Drawing always brings her inner peace and calm. She is an environmental-friendly person. She tries not to use plastic product in her daily life. She designed her final collection to draw attention to marine life’s living environment. She is also a big fan of ethical and sustainable clothing brands like Reformation and Sézane.

A fashion brand can lead people’s attention to the ocean. Raise awareness of ocean environment protection at the same time. Ocean environmental consciousness is the main brand culture. Océan think about sustainability at the starting point, use fabric that create by recycled plastic. Combining technology and modern design. Cooperate with ocean element and futuristic style to create unique look. Our goal is letting people dive into the ocean world and discover the beauty of ocean.

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