Navigated by her passions in environmentally and socially conscious design processes, Amie is following the new era of transparency in the fashion industry. Amie seeks to merge her interests in knitwear, technical apparel, and textile design to create a combination of high performance and artisanal craft.

Amie saw the lack of environmental and ethical responsibility in the dancewear industry after studying ballet for over 13 years and teaching for another four. Finally, it was time to pursue the challenge of making dancewear as sustainable as it can be, without forgetting the demand for excellent fit and function.

Attending school in Melbourne Australia for a semester has helped Amie understand the ways in which opposing concepts in apparel design can be combined. She has researched innovative materials to strengthen the functionality of technical apparel, while the slow fashion movement in knitwear design has helped Amie appreciate the values of handcraft.

Megumi was born from the gap of function-focused dancewear and the lack of environmental and ethical transparency. Megumi is an environmentally and socially responsible dancewear brand, inspired by the beauty of nature’s colours.

Each piece is made to order, and hand-dyed using natural materials such as indigo, logwood, madder, and turmeric. All fabrics and yarns used are organic, recycled, and/or natural.

Our garments seek to find a cleaner and safer alternative to traditional dancewear without compromising the freedom of dance. Our market focuses on ballerinas who need dancewear that can fit and support their body while reflecting their sustainable lifestyle and values. Megumi strives to reduce negative environmental impact while caring for our community and people.

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