Milo is a North Vancouver-based designer of clothing & prints. She is passionate about nature and community, and cares deeply about her impact on the world. She began her academic career studying Social Justice and Political Science at The University of British Columbia, but later shifted into a more creative and personally-fulfilling field– Fashion Design at the Wilson School of Design.

Her experiences in social justice and fashion design help to make her a unique, inclusive, and skilled print and pattern designer. Milo has digital drafting and CLO 3D modelling experience and recently completed an exchange program in Helsinki, Finland, for which she received British Columbia’s Premier Scholarship Award. Following that, Milo finished a practicum experience with Tentree Apparel, and won a print design competition put on by Samsara Cycling Co.

For her 4th year collection, Milo created There She Glows to design an outfit of comfortable and attractive athleisure for women over the age of 50. The collection was inspired primarily by her mom, and Milo’s desire to create unique and intuitive clothing for her.

The line includes sculpting leggings with innovative mesh paneling, as well as coordinated top and windbreaker. The aim of these features is to provide extra breathability, wicking, and comfort for anything from casual athletics to coffee with friends.

While she does not intend to continue the brand post-grad, the process of designing for mature
women’s bodies was eye-opening: with so much of our academic career focused on designing for a size
small, this collection gave great context for what it’s like to design for all women.

A look into some digital process sketches behind the There She Glows brand.

The above Glass Magnolia print is one of my first successful forays into print design.

Precise, digital art is a passion of mine.

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