Leah was born and raised in Taiwan then came to Canada to pursue a fashion designer’s dream. She has always love fashion since she was a child. In Taiwan there are more manufacturers than design companies that this is one of the reasons why Leah choose to move to Canada. Discovering the beauty and creativity that fashion brings to everyone is what Leah finds engaging. In her design both aesthetic and functionality is what values the most and presents her ability to turn imagination into an exquisite piece. One of her interests is to explore how technology can influence the production process but at the same time keeping the beauty of traditional techniques and vintage designs. Using 2D to 3D math skills with drafting and sewing hard skills, Leah wishes to make influence and promote slow fashion.

“Hanataba” means bouquet in Japanese. Bouquet symbols love and happiness at weddings, when the bride throws the bouquet, she is passing the most wonderful moment in her life to the next lucky girl. Hanataba wishes to spread love and happiness through our designs and by wearing our garments we hope you can feel the love we put into our process. Petite women are underserviced in the occasional wear market and it is our job to make the all the petite ladies feel confident and pretty by choosing our brand. Our design is long lasting, elegant, and creates beauty when our customers show up in different occasions wearing our clothes. Hanataba will be starting from an online boutique selling accessories that are designed and hand made by Leah Huang. The brand will be delivering the love and happiness through small accessories, then develop into a larger brand.

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