At a young age, Lexi was expected to obediently follow the norms of Chinese society; now, she freely releases her suppressed inner self in the world of creative expression. She finds herself fully immersed in this safe yet inspiring space that enables her imagination to build reckless experiments tirelessly while depicting her feelings and thoughts. Lexi's active participation in the art scene has later sparked her interest in fashion using clothing as a form of self-expression. Since then, fashion has become an additional channel to communicate ideas, concepts and aspirations, an essential part of her identity. Her design practice seeks innovative exploration with unconventional objects that embody elements of juxtaposition, versatility, and individuality while adhering to her constant quest for self-identity. In Spring 2020, she completed a semester abroad at Leeds Arts University in England. Through this profound experience, she viewed the world of fashion in a different perspective which stimulated her creativity and embellished her ideas and skills. Upon graduation this summer, Lexi seeks exploration in the realm of strategic pattern making, technical design and product development.


The rising trend in Vancouver’s active modes of transportation has opened a demand for cycling-focused commuter apparel for the fashion-forward female Millennial. FUME is created to serve the needs of an urban commuter who values the merged elements of function and fashion in wear-to-work attire that facilitates the wearer transition from bike to boardroom meetings. The brand focuses on the integration of weatherproof technical fabrics. To withstand poor weather conditions in the rainy season, the collection consists of PFC-free sustainable DWR finishing treatment. Each design feature, detail, and function is thoughtfully chosen to enhance the wearer’s maximum performance during their daily activities through curated fabric selection with high breathability, mobility, and flexibility.

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