Sophia Zhu has been drawing, designing and producing for her school, brands and community from a very young age. Her imaginative mind, her skillful hand, and her fine eye for color, texture and art combined together create honest and authentic work. She holds the highest-level certificates for both Chinese Official Sketch Contest and Canadian and American Advanced Placement Drawing Portfolio Exam. Her work has been displayed in the Chinese National Art Council and Asian Young Artist Art Exhibition and has been published in various publications. She is thrilled to share her work with the world and bring change through her talent and loving spirit.

As a tall girl herself, Sophia has struggled finding clothing that is the ideal length and fits well on her body. In the tall world, 76% people mention how being tall limits their choices, their happiness and their life. At C.E.F., we have made it our mission to provide Chic, Elegant, Feminine clothing that will make all tall women look and feel incredible. For this thesis collection, we offer a range of delicate and sophisticated designs inspired by elegant traditional Chinese vases. The silhouette meticulously utilizes volume, curve, cut and drape to highlight the beauty of tall bodies. The dreamy ruffles, complimentary contrast colors, cut layers and romantic ties capture the feminine grace of our designs. Founded by tall women, for tall women, every detail is added keeping tall bodies in mind. We are here to tell you that your height is your strength, it’s your beauty, your confidence and your greatness!

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