A day is not complete unless some time is spent outside, or at least that is Dani Nicol's belief. Self-proclaimed outdoor enthusiast and equestrian, Dani finds seasonal activities of the west coast landscape grounding and an opportunity to recharge.

Her favourite part of any adventure is the layering up beforehand, finding the right apparel to meet the demands of the day and and environment. Once on the trail, on the wave or in the saddle she doesn't even want to know her gear is there. Using apparel to explore sustainability opportunities, ergonomics, sport demands, and problem solving for a distraction-free experience is a passion and a skill Dani developed while attending the Wilson School of design for Fashion and Technology.

She believes a passion for technical gear can exist without compromising the slow, process mindful, only-take what you need mind set. The result: Consciously and considerately designed technical apparel.

RECREATION is a thesis collection of unconventional schooling, or ‘training’, apparel pieces for the equestrian athlete. The collection, a contradiction to traditional, stuffy equestrian wear is inspired by lively retro athletics colours, voluminous forms and scale and outdoor survivalist details. Recreation primarily solves fit and function obstacles of training apparel currently offered on the market. This includes storage, ergonomics, layering systems, weather protection and reparability. Each piece is seen as an opportunity to prioritize the user and sport demands and then designed to contradict the traditionally formal aesthetic of this sport. By creating specifically for the training athlete, Recreation aims to create inclusivity with in the sport for riders who are non-competitive

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