Amir was born and raised in Iran until the age of 17. He made a conscious decision to move to Vancouver, Canada as a student for finding his true path in life. While away from his home country, Amir remained strong with the values of his childhood, like culture, learning, and good will. This frame of mind evoked a strength within his choices to acquire self-directed knowledge in arts and philosophy, which ignited a personal passion for artistic pursuits.

The passion kindled by those subjects allowed him a vision for pursuing a career in Fashion Design. His journey began with a 2 year diploma at the Art Institute of Vancouver, which resulted in him receiving recognition and an award for a final collection influenced by the blend of traditional tailoring and Rock & Roll aesthetics.

Nonetheless, he continued to gain further skills and knowledge at the Wilson School of Design. During this endeavor, he continually strived to understand limitless experimentation, problem solving, and lessons of failure. He comprehended the benefits of self-development and empathy in the realm of creative design.

After years on end journeying between different worlds of perception and awareness. Amir can envision a future where his happy place is designing apparel for functional and purpose driven end-uses. In this manner, he can solve problems for others through an empathetic lens and elevate the life experiences of each user with their apparel needs.

Work & Wonder by √úbermensch Designz

This collection enables a balance between work & wonder in the wilderness. The 3 pillars of performance fabrication, thermal Comfort, and freedom of movement aim to bring forth a harmony to any grind and adventure in the great outdoors.

The mission is to elevate the uber-natural capabilities of wool fibers with minimal blend of synthetic fibers, for added durability and functionality. This uber mentality allowed us to create a collection of holistic layering options that ignite a natural comfort in all relentless winter weather conditions.

The journey to design interchangeable layering options, which remain comfortable and functional no matter the weather, is a mind set inspired by uninterrupted connection to nature and all its Wonders.

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