Katsutaka Inoue approaches his design practice with a perspective formed through his time spent in theater, work experience in the restaurant industry and years on the BC development snowboard team. When engaged in any practice, to him, the show must always go on, follow your recipe, training is just as important as the competition.

He often uses his life experiences to keep himself grounded:
Moments of pressure are handled with the intention and mindfulness needed to stay calm in front of a shocked crowd.
Your tools, knowledge and skills must synergize; just like the vinegar, kombu and sugar in sushi rice.
The obsession and appreciation for technical design, and hand craft is manifested with the same energy it takes to fail the same snowboard trick over and over again, until it is done right.

Following his graduation, Katsutaka plans to continue training himself in CLO3d and dyeing with natural indigo.

Hikeshi were the firefighters of Edo Japan, who wore hemp fiber garments dyed in indigo and soaked in water, for protection against fire. They serve as the muse for the solution to bring chefs safe, functional, and conscious apparel.

The collection features: Articulated pattern design for considered mobility – Natural indigo dye that provides flame resistance – Non-melting natural fibers that wick moisture – Ventilated gussets.

Like ingredients in a well curated meal, all design considerations from the garment lifecycle to performance will come together to provide an honorable product.

3L Articulated Shell
Shell developed through digitizing the Sawyer Coat from Arc’teryx into Optitex.

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