Vancouver based; Cathy Do started her brand in her mother’s living room by making custom streetwear fits for her friends. After debuting her first collection for Not It at an underground runway, she gained local recognition in Vancouver’s fashion community at the age of 19. Her aesthetic is known to be edgy and sexy with a touch of re-invented professionalism. From 6-pocket pants to swivel hooks as closures, she designs consciously and handmakes each piece meticulously.

Cathy is a Wilson School of Design alumni and has recently become a Technical Development Coordinator at Vancouver’s globally known everyday luxury brand, Aritzia. Using her technical skills and understanding of patterns, she aims to perfect the fit for her consumer.

As part of her 5-year goal, Cathy aims to create a brand that will flatter underserviced body types, including petite & mid-size women. With the help of technological advancements such as CAD drafting software and 3D fashion software, she will build her foundation and grow her company.

The NOT IT FW21 collection titled “Amorphous” explores free-form shape and differing body physiques that can embody apparel.

The essence of NOT IT’s competitors only caters towards the supermodel “cookie-cutter” body type: tall and slim. NOT IT’s thesis collection challenges these norms by targeting fit issues that petite and mid-size women face day-to-day. Inspired by their customers, NOT IT deglorifies unrealistic body standards among young women.

Using knits that are sculpting rather than restricting, and silhouettes that are easily adjustable, NOT IT implements technical fit without compromising the aesthetic it is known for.

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