Hailing from a remote Chinese city called Enshi in Hubei Province and belonging to a minority demographic known as the Tujia people has ultimately crafted Syndra into the individual she is today. The Tujia blood will always course through her veins and it is the elements of her unique culture that she endeavors to share with the rest of the world. Syndra believes in dedicating herself to a professional craft she is passionate about. Her drive is to inspire understanding, appreciation of, and respect for her culture of which she is so proud.

This collection is called the shadow play. Male and female are not two genders, but two personalities. We are all mixed, especially with the development of the times, everyone has a mixed tendency. Therefore, this design collection is focused on genderless Chinoiserie. Innovation Chinese traditional apparel for the underserviced unisex market, which will show the world a diversified, inclusive, and energetic cultural image, under the combination of Chinese traditional aesthetics and modern fashion trend.

The color of this collection follows the trend of popular colors, especially ones that transmit emotion. The grey color conveys tranquility and modern minimalism. Adding brown to the color plates releases a soft and restrained temperament, and creates a classic and elegant feeling. Silk is our main fabric. It is glossy, smooth, soft, and comfortable. It is a high-grade clothing material. Cotton and linen are also used to ensure comfort and fit. All fabrics are breezy and soft for spring and summer.

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