Queenie grew up in an Asian family and spent most of her childhood in an Asian environment. Thus, the culture is indelibly a part of her. Since she was a kid, she has developed a deep interest in arts, particularly visual arts and fashion. She lived in the Southern part of China, where many factories were run, and they were mostly massive. News of pollution and its ramifications came to us through newspapers, articles and television every day. Therefore, she wants to ensure her designs are environmentally friendly by using sustainable fabrics, organic trims, zero-waste patterns, whenever possible.

Zen State is a selection of Hanfu that are easy to put on and comfortable to wear wherever, whenever. Every garment is made to help people move through the day with ease and comfort. The collection is inspired by Chinese Hanfu, a traditional clothing style from China that reflects on the apparel used by the Han community. Hanfu is diverse in terms of designs and thus gains prominence from different generational cultures. Notably, this kind of clothing usually fits for special occasions, such as Chinese weddings, lunar new year, and the full moon festival in China. However, contemporary youth are increasingly adopting this fashion, and more people are wearing Hanfu daily. Zen State Spring/Summer 2022 is inspired by the Han culture and heritage. Every piece is designed with authenticity and sustainable care in mind.

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