Amanda Doquiatan “With a Planda”

Amanda Doquiatan is a designer that specializes in illustration and ux/ui design, and believes that there’s always an opportunity for transparency, thoughtfulness, and a little bit of attitude in every design project. She strives to deliver cohesive and relevant work in everything she does.

01Re-brandThis rebranding for the outdoor equipment company REI focused on updating its current brand to something more cohesive, modern and memorable. The rebranding involved creating new assets such as a logo, wordmarks, taglines, and ad campaigns, as well as tangible items like patches, stickers, apparel, and packaging. The World is Just Outside.

02Branding + CampaignOnce Dear is a service that removes all your exes leftover belongings from your home. How? Well, in whatever way you feel is more therapeutic. Just give it back? Sure, okay. Donating or selling it? We’re getting warmer. Tossing it into a fire (in our safe burning facility)? Now we’re talking! They broke your heart, let’s burn their stuff.

03 InteractiveThe Residential School Micro Tour is a web-based walkthrough of what a residential school typically looked like. Users can find the significant item in the room to reveal the lifestyles within these walls, and the atrocities committed by the Catholic church on the indigenous people of Canada in their efforts to “Kill the Indian in the Child.”

04InteractiveDoggy Day trip is an app that connects shelter dogs with the community. Users can pick eligible shelter dogs to take out for the day (or even overnight for a sleepover!) depending on their location. Whether it’s to help determine if you want a dog, or just for some companionship and fun for the day, Doggy Day Trip staff offer you the tools and toys to have the best dog day ever! And this way, shelter dogs have an even greater chance of finding their forever home.