Kiran Dhillon “CONDUCTOR KERN”

Kiran strives to create fun, impactful, and memorable design solutions. She enjoys dabbling in a bit of everything whether that be branding, packaging, print, or digital. Her imagination and upbeat personality radiates through her design work.

01PrintThe long form editorial was based on a design research article called Rethink Design: From the Methodology of Innovation to the Object of Design. The expressive type is treated as an image and further explores the theme of objective vs. subjective. Objective is expressed as tangible and the subjective as being conceptual. This was shown by the words being cut up and imperfect and then becoming clear and legible. The remaining spreads are more pushed back to balance out the spread.

02Identity, Packaging, AdvertisingScentuals is a natural and organic skin care brand that provides a safe alternative to skin care, bath, and wellness products. The rebrand emphasizes on the fact that they are the originators of clean beauty. As well as the importance in providing accessible, safe, and high quality products to their consumers.

03Identity, PackagingTaiga is a fictional jewelry brand that uses recycled gold and other metals to create sustainable jewelry. The brand Taiga is named after the boreal forest. The boreal forest is known as Taiga and as the Russian word for forest. Taiga’s goal is to spread awareness of deforestation caused by mining while still producing stunning everyday jewelry. They show their dedication to the cause by donating 20% of their proceeds to a foundation that helps stop deforestation.

04DigitalTask Time is a time management app where users are able to organize and record their daily activities. This app allows the user to view their level of productivity for the week or month, keep track of pending or completed tasks, health, and daily habits. The app has an overall fun and doodled style while still keeping it minimal. Allowing for the user to feel motivated to be productive and manage their time efficiently.