Ella Taylor “Concept Crusher”

Ella knew she was cut out for the world of graphic design when she sold her first graphic at the age of 11. Since then, she’s been training for the real deal. Some of her favourite hats to wear as a designer are translating big feelings into bite size visuals, concept-storming, and helping brands connect to their people. Ella’s always on the lookout for a new favourite tv show, and a juicy challenge.

Squamish Logos

01Branding, print, way-findingSquamish, along with its people are youthful, entrepreneurial, living an active, balanced lifestyle. The new branding has Squamish rooted in its deep history, while embracing a modern world. It acknowledges the diversity of its community and works towards inclusivity and accessibility for locals on all fronts. The new identity mark is a modern twist on an old lettering style, symbolic of tradition rooted in the present day. It echoes the dynamism of the waves, peaks, valleys, wind and trail systems. The stacking of the syllables is an acknowledgment of the correct pronunciation, encouraging a pause between “squa” and “mish”.


02BrandingUsing nostalgia and a modern edge, this rebrand brings Dickie Dee back to life in a highly competitive market. The updated brand carries the sophistication of Dickie Dee forward, as if the old brand were to have grown up along with the kids that used to run curb-side with whatever change they could find behind the couch while still maintaining the fun, indulgent, loud attributes from the past.


03TypographyThis project was an exercise in using type as imagery, without any use of photography, iconography or illustration. This chapter of “Re-Thinking Design” dissects the separation and connection of the designer and the impact of their work. I made type choices that communicated my interpretation of the text.


04Exhibit27.2 West of the Coast is an exhibit celebrating B.C.’s coastal creatures and ecosystems. B.C. has 27.2 million meters of vibrant coastline full of the most incredible life. This exhibit aims to shift people’s relationship to the ocean from distant one, to one they feel proud to protect.

Awards: RGD Pivot Information Design Award 2020