Julia Taylor “No Typos”

Julia loves storytelling through design and connecting with the audience. Her preferred art style is iconic, in every sense of the word, and she loves all things cozy, cute, and colourful. Graphic design started as her hobby, and with a shiny new degree it has evolved into a career opportunity; Her dream design job would be working on the Animal Crossing design team.

01PackagingFolkhouse Brewing Cooperative is a fictional, Vancouver based, first of its kind brewery. The branding direction is cheeky and friendly, as if you’re interacting with an old pal. The art style is iconic and approachable.

02CampaignDelta Summer Adventure Camps are consistently sold out every year, but have no identity among the city programs list. Due to its popularity, the chance to give the program a face and create a mini marketing campaign made it a great design opportunity.

03TypographyTypesetting two languages in a manner that feels cohesive and engaging was the main challenge for this project. The concept for this project is ‘breaking the feed’, representing the power of real Canadian youth over what they consume on social media.

04BrandingTantalus Vineyards is a rebrand project including identity work and web design. There is an emphasis on elegance and authenticity in both the brand values and design approach.