Kahlan Neuert “NEUERT GROTESK”

Kahlan fosters a creative outlook to life which has led her down the path of being a problem solver or more commonly known as a graphic designer. When asked to look into the future and see what kind of career she wanted it had to be something that would challenge her to think differently, to be observant of the world around her and to engage with others on a deeper level. As a young designer starting a new chapter she is ready to listen, follow and help to become an asset to your team.

01Print, Merchandise, CampaignRichmond Night Market has a soft spot in my heart I’ve been going every year since I was in elementary school, I wanted to do a project that is relevant to BC and to play around with creating assets that would be flexible. The theme I chose to focus on was the idea of thinking about traveling again and how people feel about maybe leaving North America after the pandemic, is it safe yet or should they do something local like the Richmond Night Market.

02Branding, Story tellingFolkhouse is a made-up craft beer co-op, the project required us to create a brand, build out assets and round it out with a beer series. My solution to coming up with a beer series was playing on BC ghost stories, which played on spirits found in BC and pairing them with beer that would complement their spooky notes.

03Website, Print, AdvertisingTotspot is a made-up solution to childcare finding and helping educate parents on childcare providers. It was a project that I wanted to show childcare in a different visual perspective, rather than just doing the standard childlike illustrations, or shock photo images of children playing. My solutions were to use primary colours to hint at learning and playfulness while using playful sub headers to be engaging with parents.

04Mentorship Request, PackagingFor my mentorship request I wanted to show off that I could play with others brand guidelines and still come up with creative solutions that complement the places I was reaching out to. I had originally made 3 Romme sets but one found its home with my mentor, thank you again Science World for an amazing mentorship!